Friday, March 21, 2003

At least I taped it

I missed watching the fabled “Shock and Awe” because I had to go to my Friday afternoon class. The class is entitled ‘Narrative Image’ and this afternoon we discussed the difference between images that are documenting and those that are documentary.

What I found to be striking was the fact that the professor did not bring up what I feel are the most stunning images to come to us in since 9/11 - those that are being taken by the embedded reporters in Iraq.

Finally, I brought the topic up – commenting that I found these pictures to be intensely narrative in quality. I believe that these images are blurring the line between documenting what is happening while at the same time creating a massive documentary of the war that we are watching at this very moment. The professor looked at me blankly and then changed the topic.

I don’t know what to make of that. I know that he and I are from opposite sides of the political spectrum but it seems ridiculous for him to ignore the images that the world is watching.

I have a feeling that many liberal professors are doing their best to ignore a lot of images that we are starting to receive… Images of US soldiers handing out chocolate to young Iraqi boys, the images of Iraqis embracing their liberators and the images of Iraqis dancing in the streets in thanks for their deliverance from the evil that is Saddam Hussein.

I will not be ignoring these images, nor will I ever forget them. I hope you won't either.


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