Monday, March 10, 2003

I think I will start off with a fun fact about maps... I love maps - hence my name.

The problem with street maps is that they are always wrong.
I am not kidding. Without exception an error is placed in every street map printed in the US.

These mistakes are called "Copywrite Traps". Making a map requires a great deal of research and to ensure that somebody else does not just copy their map (and all that tedious research) a cartogropher inserts an intentional error. If another publisher has done research then of course would not have that error.

However if a cartogropher finds another published map with that mistake... The thief is caught in the trap!

That is why maps of my local area showed that my street led to a bridge over a river... a bridge that never existed.

I think the reason I first liked maps was the fact that occasionally in my neighborhood a car would pull over and the driver would ask - "where is the bridge?" I would respond that there was no bridge and inevitably the response I would recieve is "But it's on the map,"

I kind of admire the power of cartographers to lie to you and make you pay for it.


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