Wednesday, March 12, 2003

So my VCR is slowly dieing.

This frustrates me because I had one VCR that lasted for 5 years. That died after a happy long life and I bought a new one about a year ago.

VCRs now cost about what a walkman costs but I guess I expected that it would last longer than a walkman. No such luck.

Now I face a dilemma – buy a new VCR or just cave and get some type of Tivo product. I only use the VCR to tape my favorite TV shows and have it stacked with a DVD player for my movie viewing pleasure. Everyone tells me that I will love the convenience of the tivo product but they kind of creep me out.
I have a degree in marketing and the biggest result of my market research classes was that I have become paranoid about releasing my market research info. That is all tivo does – it records every show you watch and then tells that to some magic box somewhere.

I know – this is 2003, I should give up on keeping secret my addiction to Law & Order.
That said – I think I am going to get one more VCR, when the next one dies I will jump into the 21st century… maybe.


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