Thursday, June 19, 2003

Counter productivity 101

The BBC reports about a McDonalds restaurant in Paris that has been closed for the last 100 days.

The McDonalds was closed by striking workers have occupied the store at this point the owner cannot enter the restaurant. Last year this same McDonalds store was shut down for 115 days by striking workers.

I wonder why the owners went to the trouble to re-open the store after losing one third of the sales year. I have to admit that after 2 years in a row of only 2/3 sales years I would close the store. The strikers could then pay the rent on the location for themselves.

Adding to the complete idiocy of the striking workers they are selling anti-McDonalds t-shirts to support their cause. Do the strikers not understand that encouraging dislike of their employer by the buying public means that the sales (and employee job security) of the restaurant is sure to falter?


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