Wednesday, July 16, 2003

How you can save a (canine) life

Upon occasion I help out a friend who is really active I an organization called R.E.G.A.P – Retired Greyhounds As Pets. They are a great rescue group that saves greyhound racing dogs that are usually destined for the ‘kill-truck’ after their racing career ends.

My friend can usually convince me to help her out by looking at me and saying ‘I understand if you can’t help, we will just have to leave a few dogs on the ‘kill truck’.’.

Really – with pressure like that how can I say no.

In the cause of getting more dogs off the ‘kill truck’ – let me recommend getting a greyhound as a pet. If you are looking for a really nice, laid back, not hyper dog – a retired greyhound is a great choice.

To that end I will be spending the rest of night helping out the greyhounds. Due to that my next big blog entry will likely not be until tomorrow.

Because I feel so very guilty about my lack of serious blogging I leave the topic of my next entry to my readers. Please feel free to vote on the comments as to what the next entry will be about – volunteerism or wine?


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