Friday, July 04, 2003


I am in LOVE with Bill Whittle’s mind. Go now and read his entire piece ‘Trinity’ you will be a better person for it.

One section spoke to me in particular. Considering my present employment/financial situation I loved this
But even during the many times I’ve been out of work, flat broke, worried sick and living off the kindness of my life-saving friends – you guys know who you are – even then, when I was practically throwing up from fear, even then – I have never, ever considered myself a poor person. I have always thought of myself as a rich person experiencing severe cash flow problems.


That is a distinctly American attitude. Optimism. Hope. Ambition. You break these chains in your head first – everything else will follow.
This explains exactly how I feel right now. Whatever my preset financial difficulties they are temporary – I will overcome them because I have the freedom and opportunity to do so.

Go read Trinity – Bill is a genius.


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