Wednesday, July 23, 2003


I am generally a fairly mild mannered and kind. However, the news that the Hussein boys died elicited a visceral positive reaction.

Truly, I have never before felt Joy at the death of another human being but yesterday I did.

I should feel guilty about that (after all, as a Catholic I feel guilty for everything) but I just can’t. Perhaps it is because considering the rape, murder and torture that these evil beings participated in a decent argument could be made that they relinquished their ‘human’ card long before their pulses stopped.

I had kind of hoped that they would be captured instead of killed because after all a trial would have been very elucidating. I for one would have loved to get details about how they managed to amass those millions and build new palaces while under strict sanctions.

Now my big hope is that next to their bodies were the addresses of all the ‘safe houses’ where Dad might be hiding. I cannot imagine anything more wonderful than a world where the demon twins have ‘given up’ their father.

One of the most frustrating parts of this story was the fact that I was far away from a computer. I really wanted to see what all my favorite bloggers were saying about the story. Instead I was stuck in a place where I could only watch CNN. No matter how much I wanted the news the almost depressed look on Judy Woodruffs face when she was reporting really bugged me. I understand that this will push the “Bush Lied” story off the top of the page but really; can’t everyone (even CNN) agree that this is categorically GOOD news?


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