Saturday, March 15, 2003

Help out a fellow fan of Maps!

Sean-Paul of The Agonist likes maps (and has posted a bunch of them). That makes him an OK guy in my book.

Unfortunately he lost a grant he needed to complete the Silk Road project. In order to complete this long planned for trip he is asking blogdom to help him out by donating to his project.

This project sounds very cool. He will be traveling from Istanbul overland to Beijing. This will give him source material for a book and his master’s thesis.

I am personally very jealous of him. I planned a complete overland trip through the same region. Unfortunately, as a woman who travels alone some regions of the world are simply off-limits to me – the region he will be traveling through included.

I would love to be able to read Sean-Paul’s blog as he makes this dream trip. Hopefully enough of us in blogdom can help him out. I believe that this is a worthy cause – check it out.

Discovered via Oxblog


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