Thursday, March 13, 2003

If one allied serviceman dies unnecessarily.

Via The Greatest Jeneration“U.S. Military Concerned Saddam Hussein May Launch First Attack”

Would Saddam have had time to plan his evil plans if we had not spent the last weeks dickering with the French? NO.

French weaseling has not resulted in a ‘kinder gentler Saddam Hussein’. Quite the opposite - SH is like any animal trapped in a corner. He has two choices – cower or fight.

For the last couple of weeks it looked like he might take the cower option – the best choice when facing our military might. Unfortunately it now looks like he has gotten tired of that and is moving on to fight. This, in the light of our military superiority is a foolish choice to be sure. This route may end up with a greater number of Allied casualties all of which I will blame on the obstructionist French.

Our men and women are massed at the Kuwaiti border – a tempting target for a madman. We need to move them out soon - preferably to the north. The only way home is through Baghdad.


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