Monday, March 24, 2003

Motion sickness

I am watching Saddam speak in his ‘historic’ (more like historical) speech. I wonder if this really works to convince the Iraqis? So far all that this speech has inspired in me is motion sickness. The edits are very annoying. While the translation is obviously not synched accurately it seems that the edits are a transparent attempt to cobble together a speech that applies to the situation today from something that he likely recorded a week ago.

I understand that something is lost in the translation. However, I can watch Hitler’s speeches without knowing a word of German and still see that he was a compelling speaker.

Saddam is just babbling away – there appears to be no fire or emotion – particularly considering the fact that his nation is under attack and he is supposed to be rallying his troops to fight.

We can only hope that the Iraqis can see through this falsified tape.


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