Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Right back at ya

I received a copy of 'A Grateful Briton' as a forwarded e-mail. I loved it so much that I found this link to share.

My favorite section
I, James Black, a man who simply wants his children to live in a future where all good and constructive things are possible, a future where we can discover, invent, enjoy, without fear of fanatics or madmen or the weapons and pain they may wreak, pledge my assistance to the United States in its fight against evil.
This is not brainwashed verse, but based on the honorable history and proven friendship the United States has with Europe.

I know nothing about James Black, but I am glad of his support and that of his nation. Reading an article like this makes up for a lot and reminds me of why I love the UK so much.

Read it all as they say.


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