Sunday, March 16, 2003

BBC – Informative and Insulting

I cannot decide what infuriates me most about this article on the BBC website.

The quote that put me over the edge is “Americans will talk of praying as if it were the most normal, rational thing to do.” Perhaps because if you believe in God then IT IS. As the article points out - 86% of Americans believe in heaven ergo - praying is a fairly normal activity to participate in here in the US. Also – if you are a person of faith it is a rational action within your worldview.

The BBC seems to make every effort to be condescending to Americans and any person of faith in this article. I understand that if you do not believe in God then living in a nation of believers may seem strange - but that is no defence for insulting believers.

Regardless of my beliefs I do know that mocking others for their beliefs is WRONG. Did Justin Webb’s parents neglect to teach him this basic lesson?


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