Wednesday, March 12, 2003

This afternoon I was checking out all my favorite blogs (on the left). I was happy to see that Tim Blair had posted a bunch of stuff so I could spend a happy few minutes reading it all.

Then I see it… Mapchic!… GEOGRAPHICA! And a link – oh happy day!

I have figured out this blog thing. Links are the addiction – evidently it was Tim’s turn to give the newby the first taste free. Now I want more!

Thanks for the link Tim – you made my day. I would never have imagined that anyone would have found my little blog already.

I almost wish you waited a bit... I clearly need to find my voice. I wish I had posted more than just whining about how hard this is and the death of my VCR.
At least I have posted the PSA about cartographers being big liars - that is some sort of start at paying the bloggers of the world back - warning them of lies.

Additional thanks to James of Quidnunc. He sent me my very first e-mail as a blogger. I added him to my blog links in thanks. You should check it out – a blog with a Latin name -what's not to love?


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