Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Arnett and the cockroaches

Peter Arnett - argghh.

By now everyone is aware of the fact that Peter Arnett gave an interview to Iraqi TV. He has claimed that it was some sort of professional courtesy that led him to give the interview. I may not be a 'journalist' but I did think that he is supposed to report the story - not make it.

If you have a strong stomache - you can read the transcript of his interview here.

After a brief mis-step of 'we support our guy' from NBC they have now Fired him. National Geographic also gave him his walking papers. Amazingly - considering that he has now been fired from CNN, NBC and National Geographic - Arnett already has another job.

Arnett has been hired by the Mirror and has written an unapologetic column. Reading it angers me to no end - I would not suggest you read it if you have any blood pressure issues.

What I have learned from this is that in case of nuclear disastor - all that will remain is cockroaches, and Peter Arnett (as if there is a difference).


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