Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Turning night into day

The result of the live news coverage of the war is that I cannot sleep. Not because I am worried about what is happening in the war, I am confident in our forces, but rather because I am starting to live on Iraq time.

I find the coverage very compelling and personally much prefer the coverage during the Iraqi day – when things are actually happening. What is shown during the Iraqi night is distant bombings in Baghdad as talking heads try to make sense of things. That is just not as appealing to me.

Particularly amazing to me about the coverage overnight here in the US is when members of the armed services are interviewed in the field live. Without fail these young men are polite, smart and determined. They are my heroes.

Even though the media spun themselves into a tizzy in the last couple of days that we are somehow lost the war what I see is different. The men who we see working with the embedded journalists don’t appear to be able to lose anything. I have the utmost faith in them and wish that I could adequately convey how very proud of them I am.

It is almost as though I feel that even though I cannot personally thank all of the soldiers I must watch them. I can’t explain it – somehow I feel as though by watching them I am somehow supporting these brave men and women. That is why I have ended up turning my US nights into Iraqi days.


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