Friday, March 28, 2003

Oprah clearly does not get it

So today when hundreds of thousands of brave military men and women are risking their lives in a vicious war… Oprah does a show on – media covering the war!

I just do not understand what Oprah’s producers were thinking. I understand that the embedded reporters are in danger but they are not in nearly the danger of the actual fighting men and women.

As a part of the show Oprah is interviewing the wife of one of the journalists. I am sorry but I just don’t feel for the woman all that much. She gets to see her husband on TV every day and be assured that he is safe. She and her husband speak on the phone fairly regularly. These are luxuries that the average military spouse could only dream of.

Why not do shows on the sacrifice of the spouses of the deployed military? Perhaps with suggestions of how their friends and neighbors can help them out. I know that many people are looking for ways to help the military – and often the best way is to help the loved ones they left behind.

Oprah presented this show on top of the fact that she has had 2 shows this year with Michael Moore spewing his lies and misrepresentations. If she keeps this up she might not stay Americas favorite living room guest – I know she is less and less welcome in my home.


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