Tuesday, April 01, 2003

In Praise of L.T. Smash

I really appreciate the updates on the blog "Live from the Sandbox" by 'L.T. Smash' (a pseudonym).
There have been some great additions to the blog recently.

Mrs. Smash added an entry about how she is keeping busy at home - doing those 'While we're at it' chores that always happen in life when one is stressed and trying to keep busy. This reminds me of the importance of remembering the families on the homefront. If you have a neighbor or friend of a friend who has suddenly found themself a single parent due to a deployment - gieve them a call. Sometimes just the offer of help can do wonders - perhaps you can give a hand around the house or just meet for lunch.

L.T. Smash's Dad posted a heartwarming story that happened on CNN this morning. Go read the post - it brought proud tears to my eyes. The upshot of the story is that the quote from the CNN reporter was "Where do they get young men like this?". What 'Dad' couldn't say - is that they come from fine families like the one that produced L.T. Smash. That is the great strength of our nation - the patriotic families throughout America that produce good men like the Marines in 'the Sandbox' today.


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