Friday, June 20, 2003

Laugh out Loud FUNNY

Tim Blair has linked to the funniest blog ever. It is called Tard Blog and tells the stories of a Special Education teacher.

This stuff is not for the PC or sensitive readers but it is damn funny. In fact I would say that this proves that reality is way funnier than fiction - nobody could make this stuff up.

A friend of mine is a special education teacher and I have volunteered in her classroom. I can not convince people who have not been there what it is like. I imagine that it is a bit like having gone to war - you have words but they do not sufficiently describe reality. The best I have ever found was on this blog. Take the time to read all the archives - they are priceless. My favorite was 'What it's like in Riti's class' a guest contribution from a friend who visited the class this best describes the experiences from a civilian point of view.
I met Riti Sped during a spring break a few years ago. She let me come to her class one time to check out the kids.

They were all terrible. Some loud, some mute, some shat in pants, some pissed, some spit, swore, some wrote things like "Fuck" on the tables, some scribbled over anything. This list of their transgressions is nearly endless. Despite all the entertaining behavior, the funniest thing was how Riti dealt with the tards. I will never forget this incident:

Riti was quizzing the tards on their ABC's with flashcards. She is going from tard to tard, and as she held up a card with a letter on it, they would say what letter it was. She gets to one girl, and the letter is a "T." Riti didn't know it, but the card was upside down.

The tard looked at it and said "What the fuck is that?" This alone makes me explode. But then Riti says "Oh, I am sorry [name of kid] I don't think I said it is time to use bad words." The girl then said "That's a weird fucking letter," to which Riti said something like, "Excuse me [name of girl] if you would like to use bad words, we can do this during our recess time. The rest of us would like to finish up here," and left it like that.

Later on I asked her why she didn't send the girl out. She said something like, "If I send out every kid that swore I would have no kids here to teach."
I repeat - if you are a member of the PC police don't read the Tard Blog. However, if you understand that life in all of it's variety is just damn funny - have fun reading (and don't drink anything while you are - it is dangerous to your keyboard)!