Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Bless me blogosphere for I have sinned…

It has been five days since my last entry.

I have no real defense only excuses. It is summer after all and my outside time puts a severe crimp on my computer time. Additionally, I spent the last week house sitting for a family member. I was sucked in by the daily arrival of the New York Times. Reading it daily I can understand why I never liked the Times.

Regardless of the merits of the individual paper – print is dead. I found reading the paper to be an oddly disjointed experience.

I am so very accustomed to reading most of my news online that I was actually frustrated because with the inability to find out what other news sources were saying about the same topic with the click of a mouse. I literally thought ‘I need to google this’ as I was reading a couple of articles.

All in all I am no longer very disappointed that the NYT cannot be delivered to my home.


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