Monday, June 23, 2003


I totally forgot that I had entered into the New Weblog Showcase over at The Truth Laid Bear. With the interview for my dream job and the release of Harry Potter it just slipped my mind.

Thanks to the link in my referrer log from Tigers showcase review I was reminded that I need to go through my fellow entries and see who else is in this weeks catch-up showcase. Tiger has given such a wonderful wrap up of all the entries that I am stymied for what to write. Suffice it to say you should all go read all the entries!

I really appreciate the review of my entry and blog by Tiger. I would agree that I am finding my niche in the blogosphere that said, I am not in a rush to find it. Rather, I would prefer to continue to write a blog that reflects my interests at the moment instead of having a specific theme that limits my topics. This doesn’t mean that I won’t write about geography just that it is fun to write about more than that!


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