Thursday, July 03, 2003

There is a disturbance in the force…

The force of the blogosphere.

Jay Solo wrote yesterday that he was ‘out of words' and feeling completely uninspired. As I go down my blogroll on the left I see that he is not alone. Many bloggers have slowed down in the last week.

My blog is also a victim of the lazy days of summer. I do sometimes think of a topic to write about, unfortunately I am usually driving at that time – far away from a computer. By the time I have left the car and made it through the heat if the day into my house, turned on the AC (I live in the dark ages - window unit only) and turned on the computer any decent ideas have been baked right out of my brain.

Add to that the fact that Instapundit has been on vacation and the blogosphere seems to have been moving through molasses. Usually I am inspired to write something by a link on Instapundit without those map created by those links I feel like I am lost in the blogosphere. Lileks has said it best (of course)
He’s due back today, and none too soon. Without Prof. Reynolds, the blogosphere would fracture and devolve; he’s the hinge, the glue, the triage nurse, the AM radio traffic reporter, the hotel concierge, the guy who knows this guy who knows a guy. No news organization could reproduce the Instapundit. No major media conglomerate will ever have the same flavor of one guy who’s doing it for kicks. I won’t say he’s the internet equivalent of the station you turn to when the tornado sirens hit. But when you want to read what people are saying about the storm, he’ll find the ones you need to read first. Welcome back.
I for one can’t wait to welcome Instapundit back!


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