Thursday, July 24, 2003

Positive Identification

There are those out there who are claiming that we ‘don’t know’ if the bodies are that of Uday and Qusay. I believe the reports because nobody in the government (or military) will be willing to falsely report this story and have the resulting egg on their faces. Talk about a career killer.

Perhaps DNA testing was done very quickly, however to the best of my knowledge accurate DNA tests take some time. At this point the ID seems to be a combination of a physical identification and medical records.

I figure that at least one of the bodies can be quickly, easily, positively identified. It has been reported that following an assassination attempt Udays shattered femur was replaced with titanium.

To the best of my knowledge every implanted device is marked with a serial number. This means that it will be a fairly simple process to remove the femur from the body and track the associated serial number.

Yes, I watch far to many ‘true crime' shows.


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