Wednesday, September 03, 2003

I’m Back!

Not that I ever announced that I was taking an August hiatus – it just sort of happened. I apologize for my absence to my two loyal readers. I will endeavor to earn my place on your blogrolls again!

Let me start with a bit of a round up of the issues I have missed in the last couple of weeks…

France heatwave deaths –Did they not hear about what happened in Chicago in 1995? I know that we are very far away from the center of their universe (Paris) but Chicago is not a backwater and as far as I recall the weather emergency here was an international story. Why did France not learn from our sorry experience? I remember that year vividly – my friends who worked for the city were virtually all sent out to do door to door checks of the elderly, and I volunteered at a ‘cooling center’ that those without AC could go to. Why did France not institute these procedures? Obviously the answer is because they are French.

California governor race – Am I registered to vote in California? No. That won’t stop me from pontificating on the issue though…. I know virtually nothing about the candidates except this – Bustamonte is a racist and if he is elected it is a sad day for California.

FoxNews lawsuit against Al Franken – All of them are idiots (big, fat, or otherwise).

Responsibility – Bill Whittle is a god.

Car bombing at the UN in Iraq – If the UN turns down protection from the evil Americans… they reap what they sow. Who would turn down protection in a chaotic post-war environment – and then hire members of the former regime (who have nothing to lose) to protect you? Only the UN would be that naive.

Judge Moore and the Ten Commandments – Am I registered to vote in Alabama? No. I will point out that as far as I can tell Judge Moore is a populist ass that is using this issue to try and promote his political career. It simply doesn’t seem very judicial to me.

BBC Bias – Duh. If you don’t know that any media organization or individual writer comes to the table with a bias then you are hopelessly naive. The key is to use your brain and filter through the bias. Perhaps get your news from several sources with a diversity of opinions. I know this sounds elementary but I have recently talked to several people who only read one newspaper and watched one news channel – of course their views were a bit one-sided – they only were exposed to one side!

I am sure there was more that I should have written about but… That catches us up nicely for now.


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