Saturday, March 15, 2003

"Start with the French"

In university I took a course called ‘International Order’. This was a basic international relations class. The class size was fairly large for the school I went to – about 30 students.

We were there for a variety of reasons. I was a poli-sci major with deep interests in international politics and loved the subject. However, many took the class just to fulfill a liberal arts requirement of some sort.

My friend Bundi was just such an unmotivated student. She would sit behind me in class and we would pass notes or comment on the class in general. I was bored by the rudimentary nature of the class and she was bored because she had no interest in it.

What amused us both was the presence of a French transfer student in the class. This girl must have been doing some version of a ‘Jr. year abroad’. Unfortunately I may have ruined her experience.

The French girl would always sit in the front of the class and share with us the reasons that America was to blame for every problem in the world. Virtually every time 'Frenchie' would open her mouth Bundi would lean over to me a say “Start with the French”.

I would then start a counter argument blaming all the worlds problems on the French. It was fun – for me France bashing is not a new hobby; rather it is a re-discovered pastime.

In honor of my friend Bundi I have entitled the French section of my blogroll ‘Start with the French’. She has no idea how prescient her little saying was.


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