Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Did you not see it coming?

According to this article the French presidency has released a statement in reply to President Bushes speech. There are no surprises.

Firstly the French have claimed that the issuing of an ultimatum is a “Unilateral decision”. Only because the obstructionist French made darn sure that the Security Council imploded.

A second statement was that the ultimatum was “Contrary to the will of the UN Security Council”. Only because the obstructionist French used the Security Council to promote the French goals alone. The French presidential administration has succeeded in confusing the difference between the ‘will of the Security council’ with the ‘will of the French’.

I cannot imagine why France imagines that anyone in the world cares what they say about this anymore. In their single-handed destruction of the UN they have officially made themselves irrelevant in world affairs.


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