Monday, April 07, 2003

”How long have they been lying like this?”

This is London has an interesting piece about the luxury that has been found in Saddam’s palaces.

This is the first time that I have seen the sentiment that I feel so strongly expressed – “There was a sense of mounting anger. This was bought with money from oil sales which should have been buying food and medicine for Iraqi children.” I strongly feel anger about the luxury of the Palaces. Some of them have been built since the first gulf war with the ‘oil for food’ funds that were intended for starving children throughout Iraq.

The article ends with a haunting moment that deserves an article of it’s own. From the Baghdad airport “A captured Iraqi colonel being held in one of the hangars listened in astonishment as his information minister praised Republican Guard soldiers for recapturing the airport. He looked at his captors and, as he realized that what he had heard was palpably untrue, his eye filled with tears. Turning to a translator, he asked: "How long have they been lying like this?”"

The answer to that is far to long...but the lying is about to end.

I found this via Sgt. Stryker (a blog I love), he found it via American Realpolitik (a new blog to me - but it looks great).


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