Friday, April 04, 2003

The ‘loyal’ Opposition?

A fellow scrapbooker (thanks Kerry) sent me this link to an article on MSNBC “Protesters plan to stop war shipments”.

These protestors infuriate me to no end. When one was directly asked they worried about jeopardizing soldiers the response of one of the organizers responded “We feel like the war is what’s putting their lives in danger. This is an effort to save lives by stopping the war as quickly as possible.” These people think that undersupplied troops will shorten the length of the war?!?

Clearly the magical power of reason has evaded the protestors. Note to protestors – undersupplied troops will just have less extra MREs to pass out to civilians and be more likely to be put in danger because of equipment breakdowns. Not every box in the container ship is filled with weapons – many are filled with medicine and food.

When I read stories about this I fight the urge to find every person who claims that they are ‘against the war – but for the troops’ and introduce them to the Marines who may be jeopardized by the delay of vital supplies. Perhaps if the protestors meet one of the fine men and women who serve our nation they will understand that their actions have potentially deadly consequences.


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