Sunday, April 06, 2003

Surreal images

On the Command Post (why aren't you there now?) Judith posted a great slideshow of US troops securing the Baghdad airport. She terms them surreal – and I would have to agree.

Pictures number 8 and 9 struck me in particular. Not often do you see US soldiers fighting through a 70s era airport terminal. I have never been to Baghdad but I have been to enough airports for the images to be surreally familiar.

Images like this that are coming out of Iraq have to be driving Hollywood crazy. For instance – in Hollywood the airport that the soldiers are fighting through would never be so intact. Interestingly what makes these images so compelling is the very everyday quality of the environment. Hollywood had created a perfect fictional image of what war looks like in all of our heads. Now that we have seen what (some parts of) a real war looks like they have to start all over again.


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