Thursday, April 03, 2003

You have to ask?

The BBC website asks "Is the war coverage balanced?"

This is a 'talking point' on the website and is not an article but rather an opportunity for readers to respond to the question.

There is a fairly good variety of responses to the question. I would suggest that you read through them all.

One sentiment was striking. Several posts suggested that the BBC should run unedited footage. I would never have imagined that BBC readers would be such a bloodthirsty lot. Nick Fraser from Berlin, Germany wrote "I believe that our governments and media should have a duty to deliver uncensored footage of war, even if this means showing graphic and disturbing images of dead civilian and soldiers on TV."

One post amused me - Rod Devonshire from the UK wrote "I don't believe the BBC's propaganda any more than I believe Al Jazeera's propaganda." I would love to see Andrew Sullivan's response to that one.


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