Saturday, June 07, 2003

I have an excellent sense of direction

Jay Solo linked to this great article.

Basically it states that men and women deal with directions and maps differently. Didn’t we already know this?

I will say that reading this article is very enlightening in terms of helping to understand the different types of ‘directional understanding’ that can lead to misunderstanding.

I think that what leads to my exceptional sense of direction is the fact that I use a combination of the two methods of understanding direction. This means that I can work equally well with whatever type of directions/map I am given. Likely this is a result of growing up in a town with NO straight streets.

The key to giving good directions (beyond giving a map - always the best system) is to be sure to ask the person what type of directions work best for them.

The first – which most guys go for – is to give street numbers and intersections (at the 3500 block of Adams go West).

The second – which women seem to prefer – is all about landmarks (turn left at the Post Office).

When in doubt… put as much information in directions as possible (most importantly a phone number). That way if somebody gets lost they cannot blame you!


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