Friday, September 05, 2003

Best laid Plans

I intended to write an entry last evening while I was working at the USO. Unfortunately it was a busy night and I never really got a chance to stop and sit in front of the computer.

I really enjoy working at the USO. It is the happy situation where I am now getting paid to do something that I would have done for free! I started out volunteering one evening a month and when I asked the head of the office for more volunteer hours (because it was so much fun) she said that she didn’t have any open times for volunteers but would love to hire me for two nights a week.

Evidently, that supplied me with some good ‘job karma’. I was also hired yesterday for an actual (full time) job. I am really happy because evidently at a certain point the cash machine will stop giving you money if you never put any in. The bad news is that this is not a job that I really can get excited about… I will be an accountant.

My father was an accountant, his father was an accountant, and his father before him was an accountant. On my mothers side there is a similar line of teachers. I knew ever since I was a child that no matter what – I would not be an accountant or a teacher. This fall I have had to face a hard choice, the only jobs that I had found were teacher (long term sub) or accountant. I choose the lesser of two evils.

There is an old saying ‘it is a recession when your neighbor is out of work, and a depression when you are out of work.’ I have to say that one holds true. Just knowing that I will start to get a regular paycheck is a wonderful thing. The sun seems a bit brighter, the sky a bit bluer and the advertising less mocking of my poverty. Now I will have two (three if you count wedding photography) jobs – I call that an economic recovery!


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