Tuesday, April 29, 2003

10,000 ! ! !

Big thanks to visit number 10,000 A user from adelphia.net who found Geographica via PaveFrance.

I can't believe that in under 2 months I have had so many visitors. I am fairly certain that a large chunk of the visits are only me viewing the page to be sure that I have not completely messed up the site. I don't care - I am celebrating the number 10,000 for all it's worth! Being unemployed means that I have to take my kudos where I can.

Particular thanks to Tim Blair who is my personal patron saint of Blogging. He gave me my first link which gave me the impetus to keep blogging. There is something to be said for the pressure of having people actually read ones blog - some days that is what keeps me writing.

The only way that I have acheived this number is due to a bit of linkage love from Glenn at Instapundit. Now every day is a struggle to find something to post or write that will put this blog into the blinding sunshine of Instapundit again.

I hope that the few of you who read this site regularly are enjoying it. For those of you who just found the site from a link take a minute and look around - I hope that there is something that will keep you coming back.


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