Thursday, April 24, 2003


I just went to Lileks for my nightly read of the Bleat.

I received an error message that stated "This domain has expired
It will be deleted in the next few days."
Crisis - I must drive to Minnesota and save the Bleat!

Happily there is an additional message "It seems that the domain listed above has already been renewed. The domain should be reactivated shortly." What a relief, no need for me to drive North to Jasperwood.

This experience reminds me of how reading blogs has changed my world. Lileks is a nightly ritual before I go to sleep and the lack of Bleat will put a small dent in my day. This goes along with the fact that I sprinkle my conversation with references to what Michele has said and the fact that thanks to Tim Blair I know a bit too much about Australian politics. I keep sending friends strips from Day by Day and I insist on referring to George Clooney as an "Asshat" because of Rachel Lucas. Kim Du Toit has convinced me that I need to buy a gun or ten and Pave France has supplied me with a seemingly endless source of frog bashing ammo. Add to that the fact that I have felt an even greater connection to the war in Iraq because of reading Where is Raed and all the military blogs I list to the left (Lt. Smash, Sgt. Stryker, Will, and Primary Main Objective). I have made a greater effort than I normally would have to keep up to date on the events of the war because of my contributions to The Command Post.

It is not an exaggeration to say that blogs have improved the quality of my life. Because of that I constantly am preaching the "gospel of blog" to friends. So far I have converted one friend... He has created an embryonic blog that you can find at The Hard Press. The really great thing about having a friend who also reads blogs is that we can then have great conversations about them. The only problem is that now he likes Rachel and Kim better than me. I look forward to reading his contributions to the blogosphere. From what I know of him you should be looking forward to it as well.


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