Thursday, April 24, 2003

Another myth smashed

The BBC reports that the Iraqi farmer who was feted for having shot down an Apache helicopter with an old rifle has admitted that the story was false.

I don’t know about you but I am shocked, SHOCKED!

After all, he was praised in the Iraqi media for being the "farmer who harvests both rice and Apaches”. It was pointed to as proof that there would be strong resistance to the Americans military technology by the Iraqi people who would fight a “people’s war”.

Turns out that the real story was that the farmer walked out to his fields in the morning and discovered an Apache helicopter. He ran to the local Ba’ath party headquarters to report his find. They told the farmer to report that he shot down the helicopter and the farmer was in no position to disagree. After all this was not a nation in which one could tell the truth if it conflicted with the party line. It is nice to know that now the farmer feels free enough to tell the story to the media. Yet another example of how the lives of average Iraqis are being improved by the removal of the Saddam Hussein regime.


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