Tuesday, April 22, 2003

A powerful role model

I am not a sports minded gal. I like the Cubs and the Bears but that is not so much a sports thing as an annual exercise in hope and futility.

However, I really like former NFL player Pat Tillman. I have tripped across several stories about him in the last year and they are really heartwarming. In a time when famous athletes seem to constantly whine that they aren’t role models it is refreshing to read about Tillman. .

Following the attacks on Sept. 11 he and his brother decided to join the Army. A remarkable decision for any man to make after returning from his honeymoon but even more so because joining the Army means that Tillman turned his back on a 3 year $3.6 million contract to play with the Cardinals.

Even more astonishing is the fact that the Tillmans have not publicized this - on the contrary they have shunned media attention. As if to make the story even more perfect the Tillmans have become Rangers – these guys are great.

Pat Tillman is an excellent example of what a true role model should be.


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