Sunday, April 27, 2003

Why aren't you there now?

Bill Whittle has put a new essay titled VICTORY up on his blog.

Here is my favourite selection
they were done, defeated, whipped, when we committed the most courageous, audacious and confident military maneuver in U.S. history: we had the genius – the only word for it -- to place reporters from several nations, and from every point on the political spectrum – among the troops, to not only see for themselves, but to show the entire planet, in real time, whether or not American servicemen are baby-killing murderers or the most tightly disciplined, courageous, humble, humane and morally magnificent army that has ever gone into battle in the storied history of this human species.

Just step back for a moment, and think about how monumentally confident that action was. Before it even started, without knowing how well or badly it would go, with dire predictions of street-to-street fighting that would echo the horrors of Stalingrad, and predictions from shrill and desperate cynics that hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians would die – on camera – we decided that we could trust our eighteen and nineteen year old grunts to do the right thing with bullets flying and the blood of their best friends on their uniforms.

Ah, but these were not grunts. These were American kids, well-educated, highly motivated, decent and determined, and the most professional warriors, ambassadors and statesmen that ever walked this earth. Good God I am proud of every single one of them.
I agree wholeheartedly. I continue to be amazed at the men and women in uniform and how they have shown themselves to be truly the best our nation has to offer.

Like all of his previous essays it is stirring, stunning, and moving. Go read it all - you will not regret it.


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