Tuesday, April 22, 2003

In case you needed another reason

In case you needed another reason to ensure that the UN is kept out of Iraq read this.

The article by Lawrence Lindsey tells the story of his and his wife’s attempts to adopt a pair of young children who were orphaned by the fighting in Kosovo. Regardless of the fact that the Lindseys offered a safe stable home to these children who have not been taken by family or clan in Kosovo.

This would offer a stark contrast to my eyes – life in the US with educated well off parents who want to love the children and could offer every opportunity or… life as a ward of the state in a bleak orphanage in a war torn nation. It just seems like a ‘no-brainer’ to me.

Unfortunately this choice was not so clear to the UN functionary who controlled the orphanage. The young French woman told the Lindseys that no Americans would adopt any children there. The Lindseys could not believe this and therefore tried to find somebody at the UN to overrule her. In that search they discovered that the official policy of the UN is to not allow any transnational adoptions.

This is a senseless edict. Orphans are the most defenseless among us and in a war ravaged nation the most defenseless are even more likely to be victims of mistreatment. Why not give these children the opportunity to live a better life with loving parents in the US?

As Lawrence Lindsey wrote “Official United Nations policy needlessly condemns thousands of children to difficult futures in poor and war-ravaged countries.” It is important that the UN not be given the opportunity to do this in Iraq.


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