Sunday, April 20, 2003

The King of Entertainment

On NBC tonight is a salute to Bob Hope "100 years of Hope & Humor" in celebration of his upcoming 100th birthday.

Further evidence that I was born in the wrong generation is my love of Bob Hope. I know that in modern eyes his act is corny. However I truly believe that he is a great entertainer. After all he was a success in Vaudeville, Broadway, Radio, Movies and Television - this was a man who knew how to entertain. In addition he created the Bob Hope Golf Classic which has distributed $37 million for charity.

One of the things that really makes me love him is his tireless work entertaining the troops. He headlined in 60 tours with the USO from 1941 until 1990. He was such a wonderful contributor to the USO that they have an entire page devoted to him on the USO website. The Navy has named a ship the 'USNS Bob Hope' to honor him and the Air Force dedicated a C-17 in his name the 'Spirit of Bob Hope'. Hope is also the only man to have been designated an 'honorary veteran' by the US Congress - an honor that shows how very much he is respected and loved by the nation.

Looking at this information about Bob Hope I ask myself if any any entertainers today will be recognized for their contributions to the nation on their 100th birthdays. Lately celebrities seem to think that the way to succeed is to tear down this nation. Bob Hope is living proof that the key to long term success is not to tear down this nation but rather to support it. I only wish that somebody today would learn that valuable lesson from Bob Hope.


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