Sunday, April 20, 2003

Happy Easter!

I will be spending the day in the traditional fashion... my family will be driving me crazy.

If family gatherings for you are anything like mine at some point you may feel the urge to harm someone. If you do not want to appear on Cops it is important to not give in to that urge. I have found that on Easter I can best channel my destructive impulses by abusing the most defenseless among us - Marshmallow Peeps.

If you are considering joining the fun and abusing some Peeps on your own you may want to check out a few web pages. The most comprehensive is the “Bunny Survival Tests” the sadists who wrote this site have burned, boiled, and drowned Peeps supplying the world with photos. Somebody call PETA – helpless Peeps have been abused.

If you just want to laugh at what someone with seemingly limitless time will do with Peeps check out “The Lord of the Peeps” a version of Lord of the Rings – with those classic marshmallow treats.

For a comprehensive list of Peep related web sites check out the Big List of Peeps Links.


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