Friday, April 11, 2003

Funny Stuff

Andrew Sullivan linked to a very funny piece on - Sex Tips from Donald Rumsfeld.

In order to fully appreciate this you may have to obsessively watch Rumsfeld's press conferences - as I do. The format is cross between the format of an advice collumn and that of a Rumsfeld press conference. A favourite bit...
Dear Secretary Rumsfeld: My husband and I have an active love life, and I'm generally satisfied, but sometimes I'd like him to go "down there." —Kate Waterman, Enid, Oklahoma

Secretary Rumsfeld: Down where? I'm here to answer legitimate questions about sex in a frank and candid way, but I'm not doing this just to waste my time. Do you mean your belly button? Your knees? Your toes? Boca Raton? Argentina?

I think it is hysterical! However I may be a bit biased as I am madly in love with 'Rummy'.


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