Friday, April 11, 2003

What he said

I am going to print out this post from The Primary Main Objective and hand it out to my lefty friends.

It was originally posted in the comments section as a reply to the standard ravings of a peacenick. I love it all. Here is a small taste...
On the other points, though you speak with passion, you weave statements, misinformation and conspiracy theories into a broad banner that proclaims that, while you care, you don't care enough to get the facts straight. Forgive me if I ascribe motivations to you (even though you freely did so to others), but I believe you are simply repeating the tired pseudo-arguments of a dozen different groups without having any coherent thoughts or analysis of your own.
The justification for the war has never changed. Some aspects may be emphasized more than others. Let me tell you what that is, "Disarmament of Iraq, through regime change", with the inevitable result of liberation of the Iraqi people.
Finally, don't ascribe your euro-derived cynicism to us. We really believe the world can be a better place and we're one of the few who are willing to risk our lives to do something about it.

Go read it all - it is a masterful dressing down of peacenick pablum

Whoever Chuck W is he needs a blog. At the very least I need to buy him a drink.


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