Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Tears of Joy

I watched the pictures from Baghdad today and wept. Wept with happiness for the liberated Iraqis and with sadness for those, both Iraqis and coalition members, who did not make it to see this day.

I think that Tim Blair has said it best…
I SHOULDN'T be so happy. After all, I'm a right-wing deathbeast, and the end (or near end) of a war should upset me, because we conservatives lust for war all the time. Except when we have to fight it ourselves, of course. Being chickenhawks and all.
And the toppling of a fascist dictator should have me all weepy and nostalgic for Hitler. Because I'm a fascist, according to much of the mail I receive.
Those Iraqis dancing in the streets? That should really piss me off, because I want to oppress them and steal their oil. Why are they even able to dance? I was promised 500,000 murders, yet thus far only 1,000 or so innocents have died.
So why am I so damn happy? I really can't explain.
I'd go and ask some oppression-hating anti-fascist peace activists about it, but for some reason they're all incredibly depressed.

The most amazing thing I have seen is the joy in the eyes of the Iraqis who realized that this time it is for real. This time they are finally free of the Ba’ath regime that oppressed their country for so long.

The brave men and women in the coalition who made the ultimate sacrifice to liberate Iraq are vindicated on this day. It is most important that we take a moment on this amazing day to remember them. You can see a picture of coalition troops along with a brief bit of info on each one at CNN. If anyone knows of a better site for biographical capsules please drop me an e-mail, I would love to link to them.


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