Wednesday, April 09, 2003

What Next?

No matter what the images on the television there are those who still think the worst. I asked myself what the next cause for the “blame America first crowd” would be.

I came up with a few possibilities…

- Far to many civilian casualties. No matter that we have made every possible effort to avoid civilian casualties and no matter that the civilian casualties to weapons used ratio will be the lowest in history – this rallying cry will be heard loud and clear.

- There was no need for a war Containment would have worked until the regime collapsed like the USSR. Our ‘easy’ victory proves that the Saddam Regime was weak and ready to topple under it’s own weight.

- A US created Democratic government will be ‘Imperialism’. No matter that this would be a truly elected government “of the people, by the people and for the people” it would not be a traditional middle Eastern form of government.

- Iraq must be rebuilt NOW Any delay in creating a comprehensive infrastructure in the next month will be seen as a total failure.

- What about the Children? If humanitarian aid is delayed by a nanosecond, in fact if Iraqi children are not at this moment being cared for by a comprehensive program from the UNICEF and UNHCR we must be a total failure. Never mind that fighting is still going on and the fact that children are ill today is because of Saddam robbing the food for oil program to build his weapons.

- The “Wild Westification” of the world by ”Cowboy” President Bush. The perceived ease of our victory in ‘violation’ of the UN will lead to a world where nations once again solve all problems through violence rather than words.

I look forward to seeing what the next move of the ‘Peace Movement’ will be. If you have any other ideas of what path they will follow please drop me an e-mail. If I were a gambling gal I would even start a pool on this one.


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