Thursday, May 29, 2003

Fulfilling my dreams!

MSNBC reports that Democratic presidential candidates are heading further to the left.

I will admit that every once in a while I get a twinge of ‘deja fear’ (the thought that bad things are going to happen all over again). The political climate just seems so much like that of 1991 - a strong Republican president is in office who wins a war but has to deal with the inevitable downswing of the business cycle after a booming decade.

If there was a chance that a strong Democratic candidate would swoop in and claim the center I would be really scared. Luckily the Democrats seem to be fleeing from any chance of a winning strategy.

Just read these choice quotes from Senator Edwards
Edwards continues to weave new issues into his own populist stump speech. He told the EMILY’s List audience, “Our values are the values of the American people. George Bush and the Republicans, they honor wealth.” … Edwards floated the idea of a “workers’ and shareholders’ bill of rights.” He also proposed to “democratize” corporate governance for shareholders. He framed Bush’s policies on executive privilege and civil liberties not as unconstitutional, but — for greater political effect — as elitist: “We got this small group of insiders that are running our country. They’re looking down on all the rest of us. You know, they tell us what they think we need to know when they think we need to know it.”
Ahem… I believe that it has been established that attacking the wealthy is not an effective campaign strategy - mostly because everyone in America has the hope that soon enough they will be the ones who are wealthy in our hearts we are all the elites. If Senator Edwards is willing to go against that truism then more power to him.

There is so much more in the article on MSNBC. Take a moment to read the article and revel in the thought of a Democratic presidential candidate who gains the nomination by attacking the military, prayer and the Boy Scouts as Howard Dean seems to in this speech attacking President Bushes education bill.
It says that every school has to certify there’s constitutionally protected school prayer in your local public school. It says the Boy Scouts have to be able to meet in every school building in this country. It says that the names of rising juniors and seniors go to the higher education establishment and the military. That is law, supported by us as well as the Republicans. If people can’t tell the difference between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, why wouldn’t they vote for the Republican Party? We have got to stop that kind of thing.
Please do stop taking the moderate position, the middle ground that the vast majority of the voters inhabit. I am certain that the Republicans can do something with it.

I dream that the Democratic presidential primary becomes a race to the left and unbelievably it looks like my dreams are coming true. I just hope that I do not wake up to the 1992 election again.


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