Thursday, May 15, 2003

Just in case…

According to the BBC a cult in Japan claims that the end of the world will come on May 15, 2003.

The group called Pana Wave believes that Armageddon will come when the 10th planet in the solar system comes close to earth there will be earthquakes and tidal waves destroying life as we know it.

An interesting quirk of this cult is that they also believe that white clothes stop harmful electromagnetic waves. They have evidently wandered Japan blocking roadways and laying down white sheets while they wear entirely white clothes. In order for the media to approach them for interviews they insist that the camera crew be draped in white cloths as well. Perhaps if everyone wore white we could stop the end of the world?

Just in case these people are correct… I hereby claim that I was the first person in the blogosphere to bring attention to these brave forecasters of our impending doom.

In case they are wrong… I am only a blogger after all. What do you expect? The high journalistic standards of the New York Times?


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