Tuesday, May 20, 2003

The fates are conspiring against me…

Between Blogsplat issues (I need to move to moveable type) and my crappy dial up connection blogging was impossible for the last couple of days.

A few words about dial up – it sucks!

The worst part is that I have no alternative. Where I live I can neither get a DSL nor a cable modem connection. Regardless of the fact that I live in a modern major metropolitan area I can only access the internet through a 56k modem. To add insult to injury the bad phone lines in my area mean that the fastest connection possible is 44400. Add to this the fact that if there is more than a sprinkling of rain the phone line goes down (SBC sucks) and internet access is marginal at best.

Pity me and forgive my lapses in blogging this weekend. The good news is that I now have a backlog of fun stuff to write about.


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