Monday, May 26, 2003

A great way to honor Memorial Day

Kevin over at The Primary Main Objective has reported from the ‘undisclosed middle eastern country’ that there has been a small fire on the base.

I say small because it only burned 3 tents rather than blowing through the whole base. However for the 29 soldiers and 12 Marines who lived in these tents it was a big fire. You can see pictures of the aftermath here, keep in mind that in these tents were all of the posessions that these soldiers and Marines had in the country. Kevin writes
Here's the problem. Asking you to mail them things won't really help because by the time it gets here, all the basics will be replaced. We have AAFES on base, but because "it's a navy base" we don't get a cut of the money that the facility earns. And it's a lot of money. Normally a cut of exchange money gets sent to the MWR fund, where the CO can decide how to spend it, whether it's for BBQ's, sports events/equipment or emergencies like this.
This gives us all a great opportunity to contribute directly to some guys who could really use the assistance.

Kevin has set up a Pay pal tipjar for the guys that he will keep up until Saturday. Take a minute and drop a few dollars in you will be glad you did.


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