Thursday, May 15, 2003

Monopoly Money

One of my favorite things when traveling is foreign money. I like how it is often colorful, some coins are different shapes (Danish coins have holes! I made a necklace out of one) and in many cases different denomination bills are different sizes.

That said… no matter how much I like money elsewhere it always ends up feeling like monopoly money. For me, money means old-fashioned greenbacks, our own ugly money; it seems substantial in part because of that very ugliness.

Because of this I am wary of the new colorized version of the $20 bill. I fear that the next step is different sizes for different denominations. Then I would end up spending my money like Monopoly money right here at home - a sure recipe for disaster.

My only hope is that the rest of America rejects this new bill the same way they have the Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea dollar coins. If not then I am will have to adjust my budget for some reckless spending. Perhaps this is just a ploy to increase Americans spending and encourage the economy to grow?


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