Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Is there no hope for France?

Every once in a while I think perhaps I am to hard on the French. Luckily whenever I feel some compassion for the French a news story like this one appears – France helped Iraqis escape. Evidently as the coalition was pursuing officials in the government of Saddam Hussein as they fled into Syria. French officials in Syria supplied the Iraqi officials with EU passports. From there the Iraqi fugitives would be free to enter the EU and travel freely.

If this turns out to be true it is yet another example of French perfidy. I am horrified at the fact that France is controlled by a government that would actively support a murderous regime such as that of Saddam Hussein. Every day a new story comes out that puts another nail into the coffin of the French American relationship. With every story that tells of support of the Saddam Regime France further turns it's back on the proud tradition of Lafayette and the ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

One can only hope that there are French people who understand that these abhorrent actions of their government in supporting a vicious dictator will result in the destruction of France. These few good people can stand up to the entrenched politicians who are destroying a country for their own selfish reasons. Only through good people standing up can France be saved.

I have friends who are French and they are nice enough people – perhaps a bit misguided but nice all the same. I sometimes think that perhaps if each French person could all sit down with a conservative American on a one-to-one basis we could show them the way. In my experience when I speak to French friends on political issues they tend to have never been exposed to a conservative point of view. With an intensive education program of conservative education we can create a nation of French men and women who will be able to stand up to the professional French politicians who have succeeded in making France such a crappy nation.


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