Wednesday, April 30, 2003

May we never return

The American representative has walked out of a UN meeting in protest of the fact that Cuba was elected to another three-year term on the UN Human Rights Commission. I couldn’t be prouder.

Just to review for those of you who have not been following the recent action of the communist regime in Cuba.

1) While the attention of America was on Iraq Cuba has jailed dissidents, sentencing 75 of them to long prison terms.
Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque said that Cuba was acting to protect its independence from a US-funded conspiracy to undermine the government of Fidel Castro. The convictions and sentences of up to 28 years have provoked worldwide criticism. (snip) Mr Perez Roque said the complaints were made by those who did not understand Cuba's struggle for independence.
Note to Mr. Perez - Cuba has been independent for quite a while now. I understand that a perpetual struggle for independence may seem appealing (kind of like an endless political campaign) but aren’t you tired of it yet?

2) Cuba falsely claimed that this was done to protect the nation from threatened imminent military attack by America.
Among the older Cubans are many of the veteran artists and musicians who recently wrote an open letter to the world's newspapers, calling for understanding as Cuba defends itself from the United States which, they say, is "preparing the ground for a military aggression". (snip) I spoke to one (snip) "It will be a bloody encounter", he said, "like when you put two boxers face-to-face in the ring. We will fight 15 rounds."
This is the most insane case of self delusion that I have ever seen. After watching us destroy the Iraqi military resistance in a matter of weeks what makes them think that Cuba could hold out against America for more than a few minutes?

3) The UN Human Rights Commission then called for an investigation of the human rights abuses in Cuba.
This latest resolution calls on Cuba to accept a visit by French law expert Christine Chanet
I am not so sure about sending a French expert in. However, if Cuba is scared of even having the French speak out against them things must be bad on the island.

4) Naturally, Cuba then rejected the call for investigations claiming that there was no reason for the visit.
It (Cuba) describes all the 24 countries that voted against it - including some of its main trading partners - as unprincipled lackeys of the United States.
Going forward everytime I get into a disagreement I plan on calling anyone who disagrees with me an ‘undisciplined lackey’ – it has a nice ring to it.

5) Cuba was then (of course!) elected to another term on a commission that they will not even follow the rules of.
The United States walked out of a United Nations meeting Tuesday to protest Cuba's election to the U.N. Human Rights Commission for another three-year term. "It was an outrage for us because we view Cuba as the worst violator of human rights in this hemisphere," said Sichan Siv, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Economic and Social Council

Rarely have I been so very proud of the actions of an American representative to the UN. Now we just have to work to ensure that America never darken the door of farce that is the UN Human Rights Commission again.

I have to admit that much of my interesting this stems from the fact that a branch of my family is from Cuba. I would like to go there (as I did Luxemburg) to do the family tree thing. However, I refuse to go until Cuba is again free. Unfortunately that day is not being ushered forward by the craven UN. The longer that the UN continues to give Cuba the political coverage the longer the Cuban people suffer under tyranny.

On a final Cuba related note... Cuba has announced that it is putting a bid in to host the 2012 summer Olympics. I bet after reading the above rant you can imagine my response. I am horrified that the IOC might actually consider sending the games to Cuba.


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